Friday, June 15, 2007

Why I haven't posted.

Hey, every body, sorry that I haven't posted in a while, It's because that are Internet wasn't working, so I couldn't post for a while. Its steal doesn't work so right now I'm posting on my moms laptop. Devin's birthday is in a couple of days, but my grandparent's aren't going to be there so he just opened the presents just now, so Devin is trying on the closes, why I am posting. It's my grandparent's Anniversary that's why they can't make it to Devin's Birthday. Well here are a couple of pic's. Well, got to go, BYE!!!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

What I did to day.

Hi every body, last night me and my family had a family night we watched a movie and had popcorn and then we went to bed boohoo:) but, we still had a great time. Now, this is what happened to day I got up, and, I missed breakfast,so
I had to do the kitchen with out breakfast. Than I went and did my blog to see if I got any comments, but sadly I didn't. So I posted a couple of pictures and did some other things, like playing with my younger sister mercy and playing with my dog. And after a few ours it's finally lunch, so I go and make hot dogs for lunch, and try not to make to much of a mess. After we ate I cleaned the kitchen and went to do more things on the blog. Now I just got my blog two days a go, thanks to Uncle Kenny. So i just want to post all day, but there are other things more important than just posting and leaving comments. So I had a really good day to day besides missing breakfast HeeHee:) Well got to go, bye!!!


My wonderfull family.

My little brother and sister.

Me and Destiny.

Isn’t she cute.

Friday, June 8, 2007

A picture of me.

Well, yesterday I got a blog as you can see on my old post. Well, the people that are reading this, those new pics I didn't put on, my older sister destiny did. Well today where going to go swimming in are pool that we just set up a couple days a go. My brother David just came home from his long trip,and we where very happy to see him again. If you wan't to no more of the trip just go to Kaila's blog. Well that's all for now. BYE!!!


I love Karate
This is when we went to a horse camp
Karissa & Destiny are riding the horses (I also got to ride, its fun)
This is a pic of one of my best Friends, Anna
And me, I play the harp
Here is some pics.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My First Post

My wonderful uncle Kenny just gave me a blog. I can't wait till I can post more things and leave comments on all of your blogs. Well got to go, bye. -Emma