Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Old pictures...

My little sister Abigail.
Destiny and Karissa.The leaders of the dance.
The whole group!
Anna and me. I am not smiling.
Mercy, Esther and Cassie.
The twins.
Still not smiling there.
Here are some pictures of the dance we did two years ago, or something like that. It was really fun. Destiny and Karissa did the teaching (They made the dance up) Well I got to go.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Quick Post.

This is just a quick post, because I got to go. My mom and dad got home yesterday. We did a show for them, we did songs and speeches too. Destiny and Devin did there duo, and I did my Humorous. Abigail did some songs, and then we did are duet. Well, I guess that is it, BYE!!!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Check out Jared's Blog

A younger picture of him.
Hi! Check out my brothers blog. Here it is http://www.kruseboy.blogspot.com/. Check it out, and leave a comment for him, he would really like it. Well I guess that is it. Oh yea, my mom and dad had there anniversary yesterday, on a CRUISE! That was probably really fun for them. Well I got to go. -Emma-

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's my birthday today!

That's me!
Its my Birthday today, and I am eleven years old! My mom and dad are gone on the Cruise, and so is my grandparents. So I am going to have my birthday when they come back. Here is a picture of me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have a nice night sleep!

Hi!!! Well this is just a quick post, because I got to go to bed, so I don't have that much time. All I wanted to say, is that my Grandmaleda has came this afternoon, so I wanted to let you know. Also, that we had a blast with her tonight!! She is a fun sweetheart, and I love her. She came from Tennessee, and is going to watch us kids when my mom and dad are on the Cruise. Well I guess I got to go. BYE!!!


Good night!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

At the campground.

It was a cold night at the campground.Jonathan.
Jonathan and Abigail
And Destiny.

Here are some funny pictures.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Here is a picture of the best Grandma ever!!!

We had a lot of fun with Grandma two nights ago. We got to spend the night at a motel and eat with her and just getting to have quality time with her. Here are the people that went. There was Anna, Ellie, Me, Esther, Cassie, and Mercy. Grandma is just the best, kind, neat, sweet, loving, pretty, awesome, nice, fantastic, and best of all she is the most giving person I know. I love her sooo much!!!

Here is a story I rewrote.

Free at last.
Be Emma Victoria Kruse.
One beautiful, sunny day, a mouse, who was running along a road, was trying to get away from a cat, whose name was Sylvester. Although he was running as fast as he could, the anxious cat was just about to grab the poor little guy, when he flew into a little hole and was safe at last. A few days later, he found, some scrumptious cheese lying on the ground, and rushed to eat it, but when he picked it up, suddenly his foot got caught in a little string and was stuck. He then heard some people whispering, we got something, let out the hungry cat, but before they did, he glanced at the horrible, rude, discussing cat that was trying to eat him before, nervous, but he new he had to, called and exclaimed. Hey you, can you come over here and let me out of this trap. If you let me go, I am sure to help you some day, if you show kindness to me. And the cat walked up to him and exclaimed, because why? If you let me go, the cat won’t eat me. Well, why should I let you escape, if I can have a wonderful tasty meal right now, and I don’t have to look for scrumptious food like you? But he whispered, please, please, show mercy, I beg of you. Oh I’ll right, but it doesn’t help me much. Thank you, thank you, I am sure to help you some day, since you showed kindness to me. And he removed the rope. And the little guy scurried to his hole.

But this was just the beginning, of a fantastic story.

A couple days later, the people who where going to let out he cat, looked over and new, that was the cat that let the mouse out of the trap they had made. So they grabbed him, and took him and were going to eat Sylvester. Now Sammy, which was the mouse, spied on the cat, and was frightened of the cross people. They hit the poor cat and falsely accused Sylvester. Because, he helped Sammy. Now the cat needed a miracle, and he screamed, “HELP”. And Sammy heard Sylvester and scurried threw a hole in the house and noticed that Sylvester was tied up.

But he new he could do something, because he had sharp teeth, but before he could run over and bite the little strings away, a maid walked in, picked up Sylvester, and zoomed out the door. She took the cat to a pit and threw the cat in. Now Sammy was very sad to see his friend down there, and ran to help Sylvester. He walked up to him and started to bite off the little strings, suddenly the strings where cut loose. So Sammy laid his head on the cat and fell asleep. Now the next day, the sleepy cat awoke, and noticed that he was cut loose, and then he glanced at the mouse, which was sleeping on his back, and new that he had saved his life. Surprised and relieved that he was free, and was very, very, very grateful. He was free ant last, and Sammy and Sylvester where friends there hole life.

The moral is- Kindness pays.

The End

When we had to do this writing class, I did not want to do it. I never liked writing, but now I actually like it. It has been a lot of fun doing it with Collin,Anna, Ellie, and my mom as the teacher. I love when my mom says, OK we have to go to writing class. It is just really fun and amazing that we get to learn how to write and to make better story's.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My life!!!

I would like to tell you a little bit about my life. I have three points to this, which is my past my presence and my hopes for the future. So my first point, my past. I was born in Washington on AGK, which represented Andersons, Goldman’s, and Kruse’s. I was born on a cold night on October 21 in 1996. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more about my past but I got to move on. So my second point, my presence. My name is Emma Victoria Kruse, I am ten years old, almost eleven. I have a wonderful family, which has eight kids in it. I will start by saying there names, to the oldest to the youngest, so there is David, Destiny, Devin, and my younger siblings, Mercy, Jared, Abigail and youngest, Jonathan. My favorite animal is dogs and second is horses. I am a christen and I love home schooling with my mom. Here are some of my favorite hobbies, Speech, Ice skating, Hiking, Ultimate Frisbee, Football, Soccer, Karate, Playing my Harp sometimes, Sewing, Singing, Reading, and Worshiping my Lord Jesus Christ. But I do have great hopes for my future, which leads me to my third point, my hopes for the future. I have big plans for my future, un till I get married, I want to serve my dad and help and honor him. I want to marry a godly christen man, who loves and honors the Lord with all his heart. I want a least 16 children but if God only gives me to, I will still be happy. I want a Victorian house with horses, pigs, dogs, cows, ducks, hens, goats, and any kind of animal there is. But most of all, I want to serve the Lord and honor him un till my death. So I have talked about my past my presence and my hopes for the future, and I hope you enjoy them. Thank you.