Friday, February 22, 2008

Destiny and I...

Here are some pictures that Destiny took of us in the van.
I'm sorry I haven't got to post in a long time, it's just that our internet doesn't work. So, Destiny is letting me post on her laptop. Thanks Des!
We've been doing a LOT of school and a LOT of cleaning! I've been laughing.... I've been crying... and uh... whatever:D
We are going through Rome right now in our unite study.
Destiny just made me a new dress (without a pattern) and I might just post a picture of it later... she did really good on it and Mercy really wished she could have it! But, it's mine! Haha...
Well, talk to ya later... bye!
Oh, and God bless!


John said...

Really, I loved your faces. Don't understand why no one else hasn't commented on them. Maybe too scary!!!!

Grandma of Many said...

I'm not sure I loved the faces but I love you and glad to see you posted. Put some beautiful pictures on. I love you and miss you. Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

These are really silly and fun faces. Just like Sheri and Jennifer down here...they are always taking pictures of different faces. Love you and your posts.

The Goldman Family said...

Oh,Emma your so silly.I made a posting spot for you on my blog.

Ruth Owen said...

ha ha that's hilarious! You guys are such goof balls! :o) I wish I had a camera of my own! :o)

Destiny Jane said...

Haha... that was fun!

Sometimes you just have to have those silly moments in your life:D

Anonymous said...

hey, I am so happy we got that done.The mom's really helped.I hope you have fun at the chess . You will probably come home with 1st. I hope you have fun with Ellie.

Anonymous said...

I sure do miss you Emma. I hope you are having a fun time with are other brothers. Well.... got to go. Night.


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Anonymous said...

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