Thursday, September 27, 2007

The story I rewrote

The Extraordinary Treasure.
By Emma Victoria Kruse.
There once lived a hard and working farmer who farmed over vineyards, but when he was pressing some grapes in a cup he was suddenly stricken with illness, because of working all winter long, it scurried all the way up his spine and he had seconds to stagger back to his house, but before he could make it to the house, he suddenly realized something in a quick flash, He was thinking about the vineyard and who would take care of it. He wanted his family to be taken care of and if they did not have enough wine to sell they would not have enough money to by food with.
He wanted his vineyard to prosper.
He crawled into his house and trampled down on his bed, but before he breathed his last breath he called his sons to come that where probably watching TV by this time.
His sons where lazy and did nothing all day except watch TV so he was afraid what would happen to his family.
But when he called them to his bedside they replied.
Oh dad this is the best part of the movie and you have to call us now, common.
Please sons I have something to tell you.
But when they herd that his voice sound in pain, they ran to him, curious.
And his father exclaimed , sons I am about to die, and his sons replied, but father what happened, and he whispered , never mind about that, there is a treasure in one of the fields dug up, and it is all yours, and then he breathed his last breath, and they wept for there father.
A few days latter they took there spades and mattocks and dug all the fields.
Frustrated and angry to find no treasure there father had spoke about.
But because of there plowing that year the grounds where ready for the seeds, so they didn’t think it would hurt, they all trudged inside there glories house and got some seeds and raced back and planted them.
The fields were dug so carefully that they had a superabundant crop that year more than any of the others there father had did and they and there family survived.
Several years later they realized that the treasure there father had spoke about was the fruit of there own labor. So years and years zoomed by.
But they always had a abundant crop, because they realized that working is good and the treasure they found was extraordinary.
The End.


The Goldman Family said...

Great story Emma! I am glad I got to read it finally. That is so neat how all of you did your stories so different, but yet they were all very good! Thanks for posting that story! I am looking forward to hearing (reading) more.
Love ya

David Anderson Kruse said...

Very well done Emma. Wonderful Job!


Ellie Anderson said...

Hey Emma that is a good story. I love writing class. that story is better then my story.

Anonymous said...

Good job Emma and you are a cutie....Vickie

John said...

Yeah, I agree with everyone. That was very good. I hope you save all these stories so you can read them years from now.

Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...

Great job Emma. If you save all your stories like Uncle John said than you can put them together and have a book of short stories. Think about it! Love you,

Grandma Dot

The Goldman Family said...

Good job Emma I'm going to get mine on my blog today,so, um, well hows life over on the other side of the valley. Well I guess I'll see you sometime soon


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