Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Thrilling story of Moses.

The Thrilling Story of Moses.
Retold By Emma Victoria Kruse.

Characters: Narrator, Pharaoh, Moses, Hebrew Mom, Pharaohs daughter, Egyptian servant, Two Guards and a Israelite baby.

Setting: Egypt, Goshen.

First scene.
Narrator: One night the most powerful man in all of Egypt said. Which is the Pharaoh.

Pharaoh: Go and kill all the new born babies under four years old.

Guards: Yes sir, right away.
Second scene.
Narrator: And the Guards did as the Pharaoh commanded. They killed every new born baby that they could find. But one mother hid her baby boy from the guards for three months. But when she could not hide him any longer she said.

Hebrew Mom: Miriam, go and fetch some papyrus, weeds and pitch so that I may string them together and make a basket.

Miriam: Yes Mother.
Third scene.
Narrator: She put the baby in the basket and said it in the reeds by the rivers bank.

Hebrew Mom: Hurry Miriam, go and see what will become of him. And then come back and tell me.

Miriam: Yes Mother, all watch out for him.
Fourth scene.
Now the Pharaoh’s daughter was sitting by the banks of the Nile with her servants, and she saw the basket which the baby lay in.

Pharaoh’s daughter: Mm, I wonder what is that floating down the river bank. Quick go and fetch it so that I may know what it is in side of it.

Servant: Yes your majesty.

Narrator: And she went into the water and took the basket and gave it to the Pharaoh’s daughter. She lifted up the hood of the basket and behold a little baby boy was inside.

Pharaoh’s daughter: He is a Hebrew child! Maybe the god’s have given me this child so that I may keep him as my very own.

Narrator: And when Miriam saw this she ran up to her and said.

Miriam: I have been watching, shall I find a suitable Mother that will nurse your baby?

Pharaoh’s daughter: Yes, Please, but only until he is old enough.

Miriam: Yes you majesty.

Narrator: So the Hebrew Mother got to see her wonderful child again. But that is not all, when he was old enough she gave him back to the Pharaoh’s daughter and she called him Moses since she drew him out of the water. But several years later Moses was with God holding the Ten Commandment’s in his hands.
The End.


John said...

So, you re-wrote a play? Looks good. Will you act it out and tape it?

Heard you are in the speech class but you won't be able to compete and Ellie will. Bummer. Let me know what you are doing in class. I would love to hear all about it.

John said...

Check out your new post area on my blog, created just for you! You know, maybe I do love you more!

Anonymous said...

Nice rewrite Emma...

Grandma of Many said...

Great job Emma. You are an awesome writer, singer and everything. I am proud of you. Keep it up.

Grandma Dot

Ellie Anderson said...

Hey Emma,
look at my blog and see the story I made up for school love you, I just tolled you and John to look why I do not know but please go look.

The Goldman Family said...

I like your story about little Moses. It is cool. You did really good. I like the end, how you ended it. I love you, Murren

Anonymous said...

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