Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Picture's of Destiny.

My big sister. She is a awesome sister.
Isn't she pretty.

This is my favorite picture of her.

This was taken at the speech tournament.

I love this one to.
I am so glad to have her as my sister.

Here are some pictures of my wonderful sister Destiny.



Destiny Jane said...

Thanks Emma!!! But you got two of the same pictures on there:)

Love ya,

Ellie Anderson said...

Hey Emma those are pretty pictures of destiny, love you.

John said...

Hi Emma: I see you have posted a photoshoot of your sister. That was very nice of you. She sure is pretty. Can hardly wait for your letter to arrive. Love ya.

Mercy Kruse said...

Nice pics of Destiny. Bye.

John said...

Emma, Emma, Emma: What to do with you! To answer your question about when we might see each other again; we will probably be going up to Yellowstone next summer, which is across(East) from where you live. It would only be 900 miles from your house. You are the 1st to hear this. We'll see.

Vickie said...

Your sister Destiny is one beautiful girl and you did a great job on posting her pics. Keep it up young lady cause I love to see the beauty in pictures. Love you!!!

John said...

Now Emma. You know I'm kidding, right? It's a thing I can tease you about, that doesn't mean anything. It's something that I like about you. Just like I tease Destiny. She knows I'm just kidding her. Come back and leave me a comment!