Monday, August 6, 2007

Destiny took some picture's of me sleeping.

Isn't my sister cute.

It looks like I'm tired.

Here are some pictures of me and Mercy. We had a wonderful Sabbath yesterday how about you? We got to go and play ulltument Frisbee with some friends of ares. We had a really nice restful day. Oh, my ant Lissa had her 8Th child yesterday witch was a blessing. My dad Devin and mercy rode are bikes down there and saw the new baby. He is really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well that's all I can post today. Oh yea, leave a comment on my blog HEEHEE:) BYE!!! -Emma-


John said...

My Emma:

You are such an angel; when you are sleeping!!! LOL. Wow, what a lot of posts on my blog. I answered most of them. But the one about the music on my blog I thought I better write to you on your blog. Glad I did; cute pictures! Is there anyone up there that can show you? I used ProjectPlaylist to get mine on. 1st you have to register with them and pick out songs. It took me a long time to figure it out. If you can get that far, I may be able to help. Is there a phone by the computer?

Anyway, my sweet Emma; hope you have a GREAT week, and have fun watching yourself on the video I sent. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

I love the black emma.
Well got to go bye.

Your sister -Mercy-

John said...

Hi Emma:

Hey, I was thinking that this new song, One Tin Soldier, I have on my blog would be a really good song for you to sing. I think, if it's a song your parents approve of, you would sound really good. Now, you certainly don't have to sing it, but just listen to it and tell me what you think.

Joshua West said...

sweet pics, you look like Mercy in those pictures.

and don't worry I am going to add you to my links, sorry it took so long

have a great day!!!

John said...

Hi Emma:

The song I thought you would sound really good singing; I have an explanation of the song on my blog. Please read it so you will know what the song is about.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

You put some great pics on your blog. I love to go in and see what is happening next on everyones blog. Have a great week Emma and love you much....Vickie

The Goldman Family said...

Sweet little sleeping beauties!
Love ya