Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Church is called, "Christ Covenant".

Ant tami and Anna.
It was his birthday yesterday. He is three year's old.

He's so cute.






She is so cute.



David, Kolten and Alex.

Me. Emma.

Ant Tami and Anna again.

We had a lot of fun at the Fish Hatchery two day's ago. We learned a lot and loved every minute of it. After we where done, we went swimming at the river, well not actually the river but this real clear spot, it's pretty hard to explain. Well any way's we had a lot of fun and I hope that some time you can go. Oh yea, I have been there before, I just forgot what it looked like. When we drove up I said, I have been here before, then I said, I said on my blog that I have never been here before. Well you get the point. Oh, got to go... bye!!! Oh yea here are some pic's at the church four week's ago, its not at the Fish Hatchery.

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John said...

Great pictures. Sure is nice to see everybody happy and full of joy. Hope you had a nice Sunday and wishing you a great week.

The Goldman Family said...

That was fun on the field trip. You are fun to be with Emma.
You and David did really good on your pyramid. I bet that was fun. Your mom is wonderful to teach you school stuff and let you do crafty things too...I have a GREAT sister!
I love the older pictures of you and Destiny too...what a cuties.
See you later girl...hey, how about writing another one of those beautiful songs and singing for church again (Destiny too!)
Love ya

Devin said...

Good pics.

Ginger said...

What a great post Emma and good pictures of everyone. Loved your comments about David andthe pyramid. Everyone is really busy up there in Oregon.

Love, Aunt Ginger

Mercy Kruse said...

Cute pics.