Thursday, August 2, 2007

I'm bear footed.
Devin took some pictures of me.

Hi everybody Uncle

John made me post some pictures of me. He sent me some pictures but I can't find them. Well I'll tell you a little bit of what I did today. I woke up and we had a little family meeting. After that I got dressed and did my chore's and ate. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and did my bible study. After that I did my school work and did some other things and so on and so on. And now i'm posting. O!!! I got to go. BYE!!!!


Destiny said...

Those are some cute pictures:)

John said...

Hi Emma:

Those are some nice pictures. Devin did a good job. Maybe next time he could pose you with some pretty scenery in the background. Speaking of posing, you certainly know how to do that. It must be a girl thing!
At least we can tell that it is your blog now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love ya.

Ginger said... are just too cute! Devin took some nice pictures of you. Miss hearing you have an awesome voice. Lots of Love to you. Aunt Ginger

Vickie said...

Hiya Emma
You sure do look cute in your pictures and Devin did a great job. Glad John told you to get up to date pictures of yourself. Your one pretty girl!!!


Ellie Anderson said...

Nice pitchers. love Ellie.

Ellie Anderson said...

Nice pitchers. love Ellie.

Joshua West said...

You need to teach me how to powse like that, haha


very cute pictures!!!
hey i got a blog!!!