Sunday, August 5, 2007

The wonderful Sabbath dinner we had.

Hi last night we had a wonderful Sabbath dinner. We had steak,potatoes,salad,plums,apple cider,and brownies for desert. Every single one of us kids had to make a toast to somebody I made a toast to Uncle Kenny because he gave us forty dollars to spend on grocery's. And I gave a toast to the wonderful Sabbath we had. We got to talk about so many things. I think that was one of the best sabbath dinners I had. When we where eating I was just thinking haw good the lord is to us, I mean he provided all this food for us he has done so many things for are family. God bless you all. -Emma-

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Joshua West said...

yesssss, I am the first to comment on this post!

that dinner must have been so good, and now I am hungry.